Our Story



Southern Polished is a Nashville, Tennessee area family-owned business that is steeped in Southern tradition and with a devoted appreciation for the elegance of that Southern tradition as expressed by superior style and dedicated craftsmanship.  The heritage of the Potters and their extended family have links that can be traced as far back as 1705 throughout the American South.  Every founder and owner of the Southern Polished team--Trent, Heath and Norman Potter--is a graduate of an SEC university.

Following college graduation, Trent Potter began his post-college business career in Nashville, but eager to express his entrepreneurial ambitions, Trent left his job in the corporate business world and made his long-held dream of opening his own business a reality. In 2012, Southern Polished was launched. A skilled artisan, Trent's brother, Heath Potter, soon left his role as a Nashville Public Schools educator to join the fledgling business. It wasn't long before the brothers were joined by their father, Norman Potter, a retired USAF colonel, who left his post-military job as a Nashville-area corporate vice-president to join in the excitement of the newly-formed enterprise. Southern Polished had become a Potter Family affair! Two generations of Potters combined their business, artistic and managerial expertise and enthusiastically ventured forth as Nashville's newest high quality shoemakers, with the intention of expanding their handcrafted, design-original sandals throughout the South—and the nation.  

The emblem of Southern Polished, a thoroughbred horse, was selected as the company emblem to represent their Southern heritage, commitment to superior quality, as well as the timeless and classic styling of every sandal made.

Each pair of Southern Polished Sandals is crafted of high-quality Tennessee tanned leather and Vibram rubber soles or heels. Every pair is meticulously hand and machine stitched. Additionally, every strap is internally stitched or tacked to prevent the strap from ever pulling loose.

Southern Polished was featured in Nashville Lifestyle Magazine—as well as being featured in several fine boutiques throughout Nashville and the Southeast. Southern Polished can thank much of its success to the Potters’ devotion to the production of hand-crafted and superior quality sandals that will endure through the years of wearing.