Recrafting Your Signature Potters

Potters are an investment and recrafting them is the best way to maintain the life of your sandals.  We offer a couple of different options for recrafting your Signature Potters.


Option 1: Heel Replacement

$20 / ($25 Stacked Heels)

- We remove your old heels and replace with a new toplift and heel nails.

- Rebuild leather heel block

- Burnish the edges


Option 2: Sole & Heel Replacement

$35 / ($45 Stacked Heels)

- Old tacks are replaced

- Worn soles and heels are removed and replaced.

- Shank inspected and replaced if necessary. (Stacked Heel)

- Edges trimmed and burnished


* Depending on the condition of the sandal, certain recrafting requests may not be possible or may require additional work.  You will be notified if any additional work is required following an inspection by our craftsmen.