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leather tanned in Milwaukee

every single pair hand cut

every strap hand stitched

made in Columbia, TN

Sustainable & Responsible

Mimicking the style of generations old Italian made sandals, you will always be in style. When each pair of sandals is created, it is created to last for years and years to come, meaning you won't be tossing each pair into the trash after a year of use. With a little love and proper care, your sandals will continue to soften and patina through the years.

Quality Matters

Making a quality sandal starts with quality leather. All of the leathers we use are full grain hides. We use vegetable tanning which is an old process of making leather using plant material to create a natural-colored finish. Our signature sandal bases are made entirely from veg tanned leather. With age they will develop a beautiful patina.

the Story Behind the Sandal

A Tennessee family-owned business devoted to maintaining Southern tradition and elegance through superb craftsmanship. Two generations that combined their business knowledge and artistic ability to become the south's newest shoemakers. Now spreading that knowledge from their roots in the south to the entire world.

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