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About us

We are American made, by southern hands. Built with love, a strong sense of pride, and a deep care for quality.

As shoe cobblers, we noticed a trend when our customers brought their worn out and broken sandals to us for repairs. Although many of the sandals were from high-end or luxury name brands, the quality was not up to the standard we would expect.

After living in and visiting areas along the Mediterranean and Florida Coast, we watched generational sandal makers construct beautiful sandals. We pulled from these experiences to craft classic-styled sandals that use quality materials and are constructed to last. 

Above the Rest

We take pride in making 100% USA-made leather sandals for men. From the moment the leather is tanned at the renowned Seidel Tannery in Milwaukee, to the meticulous crafting in our local workshops, every step is a journey in pursuing perfection. 

Unlike mass-produced alternatives, our men’s leather sandals tell a story of dedication. We spent over a year refining the design to ensure unmatched quality and comfort. 

The styles we offer, ranging from tobacco brown smooth to pebbled chestnut brown, are not just varied but are imbued with a classic appeal that will stand the test of time. 

The full-grain leather, the 1" leather-wrapped straps, and the signature leather strap joint are all about balancing durability with comfort. The soft midsole with built-in arch support, coupled with a chevron pattern nonslip outsole, ensures that your feet remain comfortable and well-supported throughout the day. 

Our sustainable and responsible approach ensures that with proper care, your sandals will continue to serve you well, year after year, only getting better with age.

The story behind our sandals is as unique as the sandals themselves, rooted in a family-owned business with a heart for maintaining Southern tradition and elegance through superb craftsmanship. 

As you slip your feet into a pair of our handcrafted leather sandals, you’re not just wearing a pair of shoes - you’re embracing a tradition of quality that’s become rare in today’s world. Why settle for less than the best when our men’s leather flip flops are just a click away? 

You can feel good about investing in the finest leather sandals for men, too, as a portion of your purchase is donated directly to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Shop today and feel the difference on your feet firshtand!

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Slow down. Take it easy.

Nothing beats the comfort and enduring style of a well-crafted pair of leather sandals when it comes to footwear. This is especially true for the discerning man who appreciates the finer things in life.

A pair of authentic, handcrafted men’s leather flip flops is more than just a footwear choice, it’s a statement of taste, quality, and a nod to traditional craftsmanship. 

There's a unique kind of contentment in going back to your roots, embracing the timeless over the trendy. Here at Southern Polished, we invite you to experience this blend of comfort, style, and tradition with our exclusive collection of men's leather sandals. 

Feel the Difference

Your journey towards owning a timeless pair of men’s leather sandals, crafted with love, dedication, and an eye for detail, begins with Southern Polished. Come, experience the difference of true craftsmanship, and walk the path of tradition with modern comfort.

Explore our collections, find that perfect pair that resonates with your appreciation for quality and tradition, and step into a world where quality meets comfort, style, and authentic Southern craftsmanship.

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Locally Crafted

Locally crafted in Columbia, Tennessee, each pair is a testament to the art of genuine craftsmanship, embodied in every stitch and strap. Discover the finest men’s leather flip flops today!

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