So you’ve got your new pair of Potters and you can’t wait to wear them on that first warm day. The heat of the southern sun begins to kick in and the sweat begins to run. After enjoying a day at the shrimp boil you get home and kick off your sandals…and there it is. Dark skin on the bottoms of your feet. What the? Don’t worry you are not having an allergic reaction as one person once asked us. It is simply what is referred to as leather bleeding. Leather is porous and allows the dyes to enter during the tanning process. The moisture from your feet are. causing the dye to rub off. When we receive our leather from the tannery, we apply three coats of sealant to the hides to cut down on this and protect the leather. However, the leather is still going to bleed. I remember a buddy coming in and popping off his brand new pair of Allen Edmonds loafers. His feet were a patchwork orange skin. The good news is that it will wash off and the more you wear them the less it will occur.

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