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Hand-crafted sandals, made in America

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Making a quality sandal starts with quality leather.  All of the leathers we use are full grain steer and bison hides.  This means we do not buy or use leathers in which imperfections have been removed via sanding.  Therefore, full grain leather is the highest quality leather available.  Even though our hides are top grade, you may spot an occasional bug bite, scar or stretch mark.  We prefer to leave the hide in its natural state to insure strength.

Vegetable tanned: An old process of making leather using plant material to create a natural colored finish.  Our signature sandal bases are made entirely from veg tanned leather.  With age they will develop a beautiful patina.

Bridle: Our bridle leather is made using only the best natural oils and tallows.  They are vegetable tanned and have great durability.  As they age, they become very soft while retaining its strength.

Bison: These hides are thick and strong.  Despite being rugged in nature, the hides are very soft.