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What makes Potters what they are?

We are often asked how we got into sandal making. Just by chance is the true answer, but it goes a little deeper than that. Growing up in the South, sandals are just a part of life. Hot weather isn’t reserved for just summer and one learns very quickly to dress accordingly. However, our venture into sandals was brought about by one other thing; construction. Jimmy Buffett blew out his flip flop and so have I along with most others. The problem is that most sandals are constructed quickly and therefore cheaply in lands far away. Straps are barely held in by a touch of glue and that’s it. Summer time was always filled with folks bringing in name branded sandals asking for the impossible to be done. This is when we decided to solve the problems seen in other sandals. All straps needed to be longer, glued and internally stitched. Instead of the toe piece being inserted only one inch, we decided to go overboard and run it over half the length of the shoe. I pitched the idea to my brother and he mentioned making a prototype. I had some scrap leather and put together the first pair of Potters. Needless to say it wasn’t spot on and went through about six different variations before we were both happy. I still have that pair and believe me when I tell you that those things have been well field tested. So that’s it. Potters were created to provide a quality made sandal right here in the south.

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