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Caring for your Potters

     So you’ve got your Potters. Now what? Well I would say wear them and enjoy them. Allow them to begin taking an imprint and mold to your foot. The oils from your feet will quickly begin to move into the leather. However, it doesn’t end with simply wearing and enjoying. Care needs to be taken to prolong the life of your Potters. We aren’t talking anything tedious like polishing a pair of shoes, but simple steps to keep them in top shape.

    What happens if they get wet? No big deal, just allow them to dry. Just don’t place them near a heat source. High heat can cause more harm to good. Just allow them to dry naturally. If your Potters have a leather sole, then just place them on their sides or place them on a shoe rack off the ground. Leather is porous and needs to breathe.

     What if they get left in the sun? I would hope you would be wearing them out into the sun. However, if they are left for a long period of time, the leather can begin to dry out and crack. Your oils will help to preserve the leather, but it is never a bad idea to periodically condition the tops of your Potters. A basic leather conditioner will do the trick.

    Potters are made to be worn and wear them you should do.

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